Sara Filipova

How would you describe the membership to someone else ?

The membership is a bunch of people who are willing to learn about their joints, about improving their movement capacity and many other things under the instructions from Julia and Maria, who exchange about their struggles, their goals and achievements and who love nerding out and doing challenges :D

What has changed since you started taking classes with us (tangible or in your thought process) ?

I question a lot of things I had thought previously about movement and sports. I cringe when friends tell me how healthy yoga, pilates or whatever is, when they have issues with their joints :D I am able to squat again and I somehow am able to feel certain muscles, which I haven't been able to feel before (hello hamstrings!).

Vivien May

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining?

If somebody is about to sign up I would ask them if they are ready to unlearn and if they are ready to commit.

But I would also tell them that the community is the best I ever had, that I feel very safe here and does always make me feel better to come to classes or hang around in the facebook group.

I personally love zoom training! It provides a lot of freedom in location and time management and if you got the right camera angle Julia and Maria are capable to give proper feedback and cues.


Hi Maria,

I just finished the first class with you and I'm feeling so grateful and happy! :D I still have to get used to this whole thing of watching and listening to a computer while trying not to fall over but I'm very confident that I will make it. Your way of explaining is great to understand and it's in the perfect pace for me! So yeah! I'm all into it! Thanks a lot! So happy to have met you and to be with you in this membership! I can already feel that my body loves this kind of exercises!

Looking forward to the next class and sending you liebe Grüße




Have you ever felt frustrated bc you don't practice what you preach to your students? Have you ever wondered if there's a way of habit building that helps you and your students find out how good your body is supposed to feel? Get actionable steps so you can build a solid foundation that keeps you from feeling like an imposter.



Do you want to understand the WHY behind your exercise selection? Do you wanna know whom you can trust when it comes to new fitness trends because you are able to separate serious approaches from BS? One of our favorite topics is teaching fundamentals of human movement. Because the more you know, the better you are able to make the best decision for you and your students.


Do you struggle with teaching core stability? Do your students complain about feeling a pinch in their hips and shoulder from time to time? The diaphragm is one of your main core muscles and allows your core to respond well whether you're running or just trying to get better shoulder and hip mobility. In our classes we introduce you to diaphragmatic breathing in positions that make 20.000 breaths a day more efficient.



Don't have colleagues who are as passionate about health and longevity as you? Wish you had a buddy that would keep you accountable but your friends are more the Netflix&excuses type? You came to the right place - a community of people who are well known to be the best in their industries. We know that new habits are more realistic when you are surrounded by people who treat these habits as the norm. So we walk the walk, errrr day.



wanna have a peak into our platform?

this is where all our pre-recorded classes sit.

Video Poster Image


In addition to our PLATFORM you will also get access to our LIVE CLASSES we hold via Zoom:


Monday 6:30pm CEST with Julia/Maria

First 30 minutes is a practice: We focus on breathing fundamentals, finding a good ribcage and pelvis position and CARs. This is all about mastering the basics and getting in the reps!

The last 15-30 minutes we use as an accountability check in. 

We believe health and fitness are all about habit building. We also believe that being part of a supportive community is essential when it comes to successful habit building. Each week we use this time to check in with each other, celebrate wins, troubleshoot things that are not going well, help you create a structured plan for the training week ahead and most importantly hold your ass accountable!


Tuesday 7.45pm CEST with Maria

Full Body Strength & Mobility. Expect a slightly faster paced, intelligent but challenging class that builds on the foundational work. 


We ask new members to wait until month 2 to join this class. We want your first month to be fully dedicated toward building the fundamentals.


Thursday 6pm CEST with Julia

Breaking down a skill into component parts & pre-requisites. Currently: pre-requisites for chin ups.

In the past there have been other series such as: spinal segmentation, building a turkish get up, cossack squat,... 


We ask new members to wait until month 2 to join this class. We want your first month to be fully dedicated toward building the fundamentals.

This is for you if:

▪️if you want to move better and teach better informed classes
▪️you want a group of supportive people who "get it" and hold you accountable
▪️you want to learn about the missing link that most trainers and physios overlook
▪️you want to practice what you preach when it comes to longevity and healthy habits
▪️you're at a point where you understand that a lot of people are not moving well but you don't know how to help them
▪️you want continuing education about the human body without spending thousands of euros and hours combing through clinical courses

This is NOT for you if:

▪️you’re not a nerd when it comes to the human body and you’re not interested in becoming one

▪️you are happy with what mainstream fitness has to offer
▪️you constantly need high intensity to feel like you taught or did a workout
▪️you aren't interested in shortcuts and helping people feel their best
▪️you don't have the patience and time to start a long term improvement process
▪️you only care about impressing your peers with the crazy shit you do